Friday, October 21, 2016

Flannel Heart Finish

My flannel heart quilt is done just in time for the beautiful Fall weather we are having.
It's the perfect lap size, measuring 42"x 68".
You can get a peek at it's cute polka-dotted backing and binding by clicking right here.
I quilted it using a whimsical heart pantograph and you can click here to see that stage.
 I  LOVE the Sew Purrfect Flannel/Woolies Flannel Fabrics I used by Bonnie Sullivan. This will be the perfect couch quilt for little ol' me and I'm looking forward to using it A LOT.

Well, me and Jackson I should say. I think he's ready for me to take it inside so he can break it in!
This is certainly a Happy Friday Finish I've been looking forward to posting and putting to use.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rebuilding my "follower" list...

Every now and then, while it seems no one else has trouble sleeping...

...I find myself tip toeing down the stairs in my bathrobe much earlier than usual...simply ready to greet the day before it has even begun. I fix myself a warm cup of tea, light the fire and enjoy the solitude of my little desk corner. I blog. I read. I create lists of projects and ideas. I be.
This early morning however, I find myself rebuilding and adding you all back to my list of quilty friends on my sidebar, as I don't know if it's happened to any of you, but blogger LOST my entire list of blogs that I follow on my sidebar! One day, they were....just GONE! 

In the three in half years I have been blogging, it's interesting to sit here as I rebuild my list and notice those who have discontinued their blogs, those of you who are my "virtual quilting guild" is and which blogs I simply like to follow from the sidelines.

Since my blog is my only form of "social networking", I like my follower list here. I like checking in with everyone each morning and afternoon. This quilt blog is my creative motivation/outlet. I'm inspired to do better work and get things done knowing I have you to share my projects with. So thank you for following and being part of my quilty adventure. If you don't see your blog on my sidebar....please, please do let me know, as I'm pretty much rebuilding  using from my snail mail list of bloggy friends, comments, and my blogger reading list. 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Archives #133: Pumpkins

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
Please click here to read more about this linky party.  
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This week's theme is: PUMPKINS!

Welcome to my home....well, at least this is "how" you'd be welcomed if you came to my side door.
And, yes, Jackson greets everyone who knocks. I only wish is was in this calm friendly matter captured below, but admittedly it's in his over enthusiastic Jack Russell bark and jump up and down style. It seriously took me treats, about ten pictures and a ton of patience from both of us to get him to sit on that darn step! (LOL!) 
 Fall is my favorite season to decorate the home for and I'm lucky to have a students who's family grows pumpkins and the kids sell them very inexpensively compared to the $5.00 each at local stores.
The load up my car with an assortment of their choice and enjoy the reward of earning money.
Jackson was probably grateful I didn't make him "poise" for this picture!

Val's Quilting Studio

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Tiny House Tour

I know many you would agree, it's hard to resist being outdoors on a beautiful Fall afternoon.
 Yesterday found my husband and I doing just that as we adventured into Boise to spend the afternoon strolling through it's historical North End neighborhood touring it's tiny houses. These homes date back to the early 1900's and are all under 1,000 square feet. We can never resist the opportunity to walk through other peoples homes especially as these homeowners so graciously opened up their living spaces for us to do just that! (*The proceeds go to the Boise High School Orchestra program.)
This garden cottage pictured above was built in 1935 and is ONLY 380 square feet! The pamphlet said that this structure was at one time a catalogue house from Sears and Roebuck. It was full of charm and detail! This is her bedroom. (Just she and her dog live here) I kept wishing she had a quilt.

Her "sewing" room...
Tiny right!!
A view of it from the outside:

I liked how cozy her windows were made to look:

 Okay, now is this not THE most creative chicken coop you've even seen!?
Her garden was just a wonderland.

As we continued our tour admiring many houses along the way...

...we discussed and were inspired by the simplicity of living and found ourselves planning our own de-clutter of things that are worn out, never used, and no longer have a purpose in our own home.

I liked that this homes owner's hobby is wine collecting. They even had a wine bible!
As I turned the corner in this tiny house and ventured through that white door you see below, it made me smile to see an old quilt adding warmth and charm to this tiny bedroom.

Straight from what we watch on TV, measuring only 240 square feet, 
sitting on top of a 20-foot trailer...a Mouse House. Uhhhhhh... thank you! LOL! No can do. "Your long-arm wouldn't even fit in here Val."
(Don't ya love a husband who has your quilting on his mind!)

So much charm and inspiration was tucked into each home. This next homeowner was a potter. ( many you read...a craft not exactly in my future) But never the less, she created those adorable kitchen tiles, and handmade cabinet knobs. Pottery filled her home is useful ways that inspired me to think of my own quilting in an entirely different way. 

For as we continued our tour of their home, her pottery was used everywhere, evident in the table tray on this little dresser picture below. I was inspired by the idea to expand my quilting from bed quilts to creating more projects...something I realize I've never really done. To see the simplicity of one's hobby displayed in a practical way throughout the home added charm and personality. Between my husband's stained-glass and my quilting, we could do this too.

Our tour ended with us enjoying an outdoor lunch and well, thank you for taking this little walking tour with me. I hope you too found a bit of inspiration, as I always enjoy sharing mine with you.  

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

One way to rejuvenate your hobby....

Try something completely new!!!
Each Friday for the month of October hubby and I are enjoying date night out of town.
It's about a thirty minute drive to the next town where we find ourselves enjoying going somewhere new each week for dinner and have been taking a pottery class together.

As you can see below, I have no idea what I am doing!! LOL!!! 
Right after I took this picture, my whole piece slid right off the plate.
(Insert laughing outloud emoji!)
It didn't help that I was tired and feeling a little impatient with myself as this evening also found me wrapping up a very fun, activity filled week with my 2nd graders...

...and it seems like trying something new is rejuvenating for the young heart as well. Yesterday in the classroom we went on a Google Expedition Virtual Field Trip to the Lincoln Memorial!
To quote one my students: "This was the best field trip ever!" And I admit, it was amazing!!
I know this next picture is blurry, but this is what the inside of the goggles looks like:
 As we enthusiastically prepared for this virtual field trip, we pretended like we were taking the Magic School Bus to the other side of the country.  I have to admit, this next picture of my student pointing and telling his partner to turn and look was my very favorite moment.

We ended our Abraham Lincoln unit creating peanut butter/pretzel log cabins...on pajama day! (Yes! I wore my polka-dotted pajamas to picture of that! LOL!!)
As you can see by their smiles and as this little one shared, her "happy dance" is good! 
gerund or present participle: rejuvenating
  1. make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.
    "a bid to rejuvenate the town center"
    synonyms:reviverevitalizeregenerate, breathe new life into, revivifyre-energize,reanimateresuscitaterefreshreawaken, put new life into; More
Please do you refresh your soul. Inquiring minds want to know.

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