Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello October!!

I awoke early and refreshed today! ever since I started the school year, I have felt exhausted and unmotivated once my work day is through. (I mean I even missed my OWN linky party this past week!! I've been sleeping in "that" extra 20-30 minutes, thus eliminating my early morning blogging routine. I didn't even realize I didn't post the linky till the next day....THIS is not like me!) 
Cease To Ask ~ Mary Engelbreit:
My  mom recently mentioned she missed my blog and this week my husband even ever so gently 
told me I was crabby. LOL!!  And to more or less:
Image result for mary engelbreit snap out of it
But how do you "Snap Out of IT??" Admittedly, I have been in that out-of-sorts mood all week. You know that one that finds you out of balance between play and work...frustrated with yourself, that you  aren't enjoying your hobby...finding yourself missing it yet, at the same time, you can't even imagine doing one more thing.  (I know, I'm so crazy sometimes!) With that said, my creative energy has not been misspent. I truly have the most wonderful group of second graders this year! They energize me, brighten my day, and we're off to a wonderful start together. But the school year has taken some time and energy to get a settled into...
Image result for mary engelbreit teaching
 ...and as I sit here and type and inspire myself  by googling Mary Engelbreit images, I realize that just getting this school year started really has taken all the creative energy I have. As along with thirty wee ones, I'm also mentoring three new teachers, adjusting to a new teaching partner, new principal and vice-principal....oh and my IA just quit, so training a new IA next week. (Oh my wonder I've been tired!) But! I'm not complaining...just reflecting out-loud I guess. (Thanks for "listening") Thankfully, there is something wonderful about turning the page on the calendar that helps me "Snap out of it"! For with October here I feel:
Image result for mary engelbreit fall
My school year is off to a wonderful start. And seriously, just the anticipation of enjoying the taste of pumpkin-spice lattes, the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot as Jackson and I walk, the feel of cozy sweaters and the sight of candles aglow around the house is helping me "Snap out of it!". 
Image result for mary engelbreit  sewing friends
I just want to thank all of  you for your continuous support and patience of my little spot here is cyber space. I have many posts planned for October and am looking forward to catching up with all of your blogs and projects as well. Tuesday Archives has a Fall theme to it this month and France awarded me the One Lovely Blog I'm also looking forward to posting and passing on that honor as well. Happy Fall! Hello October!
October's themes are posted on my sidebar. 
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dinosaur Quilt Part 2

My grandson's birthday quilt has gone from this... this! Cute huh! This was the perfect sewing today after last week's long work days. I had originally envisioned the dinosaurs with more details, but then settled on the "silhouettes" as I know this quilt is going to be well loved and washed often once our three year old grand guy sees it.
To create the dinosaurs, I simple used my light-box to trace the dinosaurs from 
the Jurassic Jamboree fabric (by Moda) that I used for the four patches. 

I then enlarged the drawings to fit into the 9" blocks.
I created the applique dinosaurs and...

...used a large zig-zag stitch to sew each dinosaur on. 
I bought some soft, cuddly red minky fabric for the backing and will next look forward to sharing part 3: the quilting, with ya next weekend. In the meantime, my hexi's are keeping me busy and my daily walks continue to be enjoyable now that Fall has arrived in our little part of the world.
Hope all is well for each of you and thanks for stopping by!

Val's Quilting Studio

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Heart Quilting

As I find myself  facing two twelve hour days of  parent teacher conferences, I head out the door today intentional in enjoying the opportunity and productivity of my long days ahead... have fun and communicate happy things 
about each of my students to their families...
 and to most of all, have a happy heart and  to do all things with love!
Wishing you the same...especially as I look forward to sharing this quilty finish with you very soon!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Archives #130: Kaleidoscopes

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
Please click here to read more about this linky party.  
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This week's theme is: KALIED0SCOPES  

Way back in the depths of my own collection of "finished quilt tops" is this school themed Kaliedoscope flimsy. It has been waiting patiently for it's turn to be quilted and used:
Every week Tuesday Archives let's us "look back" and allows us to rejuvenate old posts, old quilts, old memories. As I pulled this one out of the closet last night, I found myself reminded of a fun summer afternoon some years ago, spent with a group of kind quilty ladies, as we all came together to learn a new technique. I'm so grateful to have had such a positive introduction to quilting. This one really does needs to get put on my short list of WIP to finish doesn't it. Ughhhh soooo many projects sooooo little time. LOL!! Anyhoo...thanks for stopping by Tuesday Archives today. You guys are the best!

Mark your calendars: 
Next week is a FREE CHOICE theme with a fun little give-away!
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Hexi's are baaackkkk...

I've been busy stitching these together in-between my other projects as I have the perfect, 
redecorated bedroom just waiting for this quilt. 
 I seriously can't believe I made these THREE years ago!
I guess I just needed the "right" motivation to finally get them sewn together...of which, they are surprisingly going together rather quickly, which makes it even more enjoyable.
Happy Sunday Stitching everyone.

Val's Quilting Studio
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